EFT For Weight Loss

Yes! I am ready to beat my binges, cut my cravings, and say Yes to the body I want by enrolling in the Naturally Thin You Boot Camp with Dawson Church and Karen Donaldson.

In the audio presentation Karen and Dawson work with Jodi, who can’t stop binging at night, and Brenda, an EFT practitioner who simply cannot shake her craving for a particular iced treat.

Your Fatal Food Audio

Tapping For Binging At Night
& Tapping For Cold Treats

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Yes! I want to hear & download the “Your Fatal Food” audio file by Dawson Church & Karen Donaldson now.

1. Tapping For Binging At Night
2. Tapping For Cold Treats
3. Much more!

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NTY Boot Camp Online

The Naturally Thin You Boot Camp is simply the most powerful set of weight loss techniques we've ever assembled. You learn to control emotional eating and cravings in seconds. We teach you the secrets of long term permanent weight loss learned in scientific studies performed at the National Weight Control Registry. The Boot Camp combines written material, videos, and audios delivered to your inbox, as well as regular live coaching calls.