Discover The One Simple Technique that Has Helped Thousands of People Overcome Emotional Eating, Lose Weight Easily, and Claim a Life of Freedom from Cravings…

If you’ve been struggling with emotional eating, and the suffering that goes along with it, we have an important message for you: It’s not your fault.

In times of stress, you need comfort. You need relief. You have to look somewhere to get that need met. That is human biological fact.

For millions of people, that relief comes from food. It comes from stuffing those uncomfortable feelings.

If You:

  • Eat when you feel stressed, sad, lonely, overwhelmed, anxious, or bored
  • Struggle to lose weight year after year even with proven diets
  • Feel guilty after you’ve gone on an eating binge
  • Think that if you could just stop the cravings you could regain control
  • Really want to feel free from emotional eating once and for all

There is hope.

When you learn this one simple technique called EFT, the Emotional Freedom technique of “Tapping”, you will get your life back under control.

From EFT you’ll discover freedom that you never before dreamed possible when in the grips of the cycles of craving, overeating and despair.

Plus, there’s this magnificent side effect, called weight loss.

Once you get free from the clutches of emotional eating, the weight falls off naturally without any effort on your part.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Why? Because it’s already been the direct experience of thousands of people who have succeeded with this program. That’s how we know it will work for you, too.

With Naturally Thin You Boot Camp You Will:

  • Learn the secrets of how naturally thin people stay thin.
  • Rev up your metabolism to turn your body into a fat-burning machine.
  • Find out how to use EFT Tapping to completely re-wire your brain when it comes to emotions.
  • Optimize your hormonal levels to support long-term weight loss.
  • Unlock the full power of EFT Tapping in a way you’ve never experienced it before – even if you’re an experienced tapper.
  • Identify the Top 10 Eating Practices for sensible weight loss.
  • Interact with a community of people like you who support your weight loss journey.

WARNING! Naturally Thin You Boot Camp is NOT:

  • Deprivation and starvation
  • Yet another yo-yo diet plan?
  • A gimmick based on hype?and fabricated research
  • The usual result: gaining back all the weight you lost right after

Margie's Testimonial

“I have come so far with your help and EFT. I’ve lost about 20 pounds so far, but what it really amazing is that  I love myself now, I can laugh and cry at myself, and I don’t jump out of my skin when the phone rings. This  new way of living with healthy foods feel great.  I lost a few more pounds this week, but I’m not living by the scale anymore.  I also can’t believe I’m eating this many vegetables – and liking them. Even my husband is getting into this. Thanks Karen for all you do!!” – Margie

"Karen has a special way of helping you discover your issues… then she helps you heal them and release them" - Kathy

Kathy's Testimonial

“I’ve been struggling with my weight and depression for years. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t give up the foods that were keeping me fat – and depressed. I was such an expert as numbing myself that I couldn’t even cry. But Karen has a special way of helping you discover your issues – and then she helps you heal them and release them. With just a few sessions, my need to use food for comfort nearly vanished. I’ve lost over 40 pounds and I’ve never felt better. Even my depression is healing.” – Kathy

M.P.'s Testimonial

“Karen helped me to see that I was caught in a cycle of anxiety. Every time I had to deal with stress or anxiety I would regulate my food, go for a long run, or have a soda. This only served to further stress my body and kept the cycle going. Karen taught me the tools I needed stop the cycle and really address my anxiety. This really helped me prepare to deal with some of my past issues and hurts that caused my weight gain in the first place. I have been enjoying the sense of peace I have about what I eat.” = M.P.

The Naturally Thin You Bootcamp Program was created with one significant difference:

We support you on this path.


Without support, lasting change just doesn’t happen. We all revert back to old habits.

That’s why we give you a full year of ongoing coaching support with this program. We are investing in your success. We WANT you to succeed.

Conversely, most diet programs are actually relying on your failure, because they know without them you will fail, and need to sign up for them again and again.

We don’t do that.

Naturally Thin You Bootcamp is designed to empower you to succeed.


We start you off with training, and support, and then by the time you are fully integrated, you are good to go, all on your own.

How do we know it works? Because our participants never need to take the program again! AND many continue losing more weight after the program ends.

We want this to be the last weight loss program you ever sign up for. We designed it that way. So let’s take a look at how it works together.

You Will Receive:

  • Motivation: 6 weeks of coaching from top experts.

  • Structure: Weekly lessons with videos, audios, and readings for every learning style.

  • Expertise: Guidance from Karen Donaldson, MA, and Dawson Church PhD.

  • Science: You’ll learn techniques proven in 4 clinical trials.

  • Permanent Results: Studies show that people keep on losing weight even after the course ends.

  • Support: 1 full year of ongoing live monthly coaching support.

  • Community: Make friends and interact with the experts in our private FaceBook group.
  • Live Coaching: Ask your questions and interact with the experts in weekly coaching calls.

Plus You Get:

Expert Tapping Scripts To Support Your Success

Tapping scripts contain the exact words to say to re-program your brain during the Tapping Exercises. Each week you’ll get 3 or more tried-and-true Tapping Scripts you can use whenever you can’t find the right words to say. Each Tapping Script includes an MP3 audio file you can download to your mobile device so you’re never without the Boot Camp tools, as well as a web and PDF version. The Tapping Scripts give you read-made solutions for issues like:

  • Ice Cream and Desserts
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Deserving a Good Life
  • Slow Metabolism
  • Chocolate
  • Sweets and Candy Bars
  • Wine, Cocktails and Alcohol
  • Salty Foods
  • Bread, Cake and Baked Goods

Plus instructions on how to create your own unique Tapping Scripts customized to your exact life issues.

"I lost a few more pounds this week... but I’m not living by the scale anymore." - Margie

J.K.'s Testimonial

“At first I was a bit skeptical, but I was desperate and willing to try anything. After our first session, I felt like a weight had literally been lifted from my body. I even felt like I could move better. A few sessions later, Karen helped me to release a trauma that I had been holding onto for years. I felt so guilty and ashamed and saw that I had been beating myself up for years as punishment for what I’d done. The pain was so great that I now realize I used food to tranquilize it.” – JK

Meet Your Instructors:

Dawson Church, PhD, CEHP

200_Dawson_001 Dawson Church, PhD, CEHP, is the founding director of the National Institute for Integrative Heathcare, and the author of EFT for Weight Loss. He has conducted many clinical trials of EFT, and co-created the groundbreaking Skinny Genes program. He lost 40 lb with these approaches and has kept it off for over 3 years.

Karen Donaldson, MS, RD, LD

200_Karen_001Karen Donaldson, MS, RD, LD, is a registered dietitian, personal trainer, and owner of the EXCEL Weight Loss Solutions clinic. She is also a certified EFT Weight Loss Coach and Skinny Genes coach. She lost the last, stubbornly resistant 25 lb using the methods in this course.

How Does it Work?



6 Live Coaching Calls with Karen and/or Dawson

During these calls you will learn the EFT Technique, and have an opportunity to get all your questions answered. You’ll get to integrate and practice (as well as garner feedback) this new, healthy technique of working with your emotions as you re-wire your brain.



20+ Tapping Scripts
MP3 Audio Files
Plus Web and PDF Transcripts

So much more than just a journey of weight loss, this is a journey into your freedom from emotional eating. We find weight loss is just one of the many positive results you will get. Here you will discover loads of useful materials to support you on your journey to a thinner new you.



6 Weeks of Online Support from Karen & Dawson in Private Facebook Group:

Support equals success. Here you have a safe place in a nurturing environment to connect with others in this course, and come together with your core faculty as you discuss the journey within the connection of a like-minded community.

Doug's Testimonial

“I can now fill my heart with the feeling of love instead of food.  I’ve lost 23 pounds in just 6 weeks, but most importantly I feel really good.  It hasn’t been hard because I really don’t NEED the foods I used to overeat anymore. I’m learning to forgive myself and to love and accept myself – and I’m losing weight!  EFT is amazing and everyone should know about it!” – Doug

"I’ve lost 23 pounds in just 6 weeks, but most importantly I feel really good." - Doug

Still Not Sure if Naturally Thin You Bootcamp is for You?

Here are some of the questions we commonly hear:


Q: I’ve tried every weight loss program out there. Why should I believe this one will be any different?

A: Naturally Thin You Bootcamp focuses specifically on emotional eating—the real reasons people tend to overeat, as well as handling the cravings that go along with it. We know that you can’t handle a problem by attempting to solve the symptoms. That’s why we help you deal with the emotional reasons behind your eating so you can clear them within minutes and be free.


Q: Is this EFT Tapping stuff just a bunch of new age mumbo jumbo about changing my beliefs?

A: EFT Tapping is a real solution with hard scientific evidence behind it that individuals use to handle everything from small issues like a doctor’s visit, to major catastrophes. It has been proven to be effective for emotional traumas such as veterans who were trapped in a combat zone at war that suffer from PTSD. Now widely known and accepted for its power, EFT practitioners are regularly sent to towns that have suffered from such traumas as school shootings or natural disasters. It does not work at an intellectual level to change beliefs, but at a sub-conscious level to release negative emotions and free the individual to return to a self-regulated state of well-being. You do not have to believe in it for it to work.


Q: Does it take a long time? Is it hard to learn?

A: Watch the video above with Karen as she teaches you how to tap. You’ll see that you can learn the technique and employ it in minutes. Plus you will have an opportunity to discover how you feel both before and afterwards. While there are many variations on the scripts of tapping, because it is portable, the actual EFT technique can be used immediately, anywhere you are and does not require a third party to help you. This is one of the many reasons it is so empowering.


So are you ready to discover that Naturally Thin You?

Plus You Get These Valuable Bonuses:

Bonus 1


Coaching Tap Alongs with Karen Donaldson and Dawson Church – 10 hours of tapping for issues like:

  • Loneliness
  • Childhood Abuse
  • Boredom
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Negative Self-Image

Bonus 2


4 Videos by Dawson Church, covering:

  • Tapping to Eat Half as Much
  • Dealing with Tempting Social Situations
  • Magic Formulas to Halve the Calories
  • Projecting Childhood Emotions Into Food

Bonus 3


5 Special Reports by Karen Donaldson on topics such as:

  • Beat the Belly Fat Blues
  • Mind Your Body
  • Why Stress is Making You Fat
  • The Art of Joyful Movement
  • Loving and Accepting Yourself

Bonus 4


The EFT Mini-Manual: An introduction to EFT/Tapping

  • Releasing Bad Emotional Memories
  • The Science Behind EFT
  • How To Do EFTs Basic Recipe
  • The Body’s Electromagnetic Polarity
  • EFT on a Page

Bonus 5


Celebrity reports by authorities such as:

  • Larry Dossey, MD (Healing Words)
  • Bruce Lipton, PhD (The Biology of Belief)
  • Daryl Hannah (Actress)
  • Henry Han (Ancient Herbs, Modern Medicine)
  • Barry Sears, PhD (The Zone Diet)


Bonus 6


You’ll also get one FULL YEAR of Monthly Live Coaching Calls with Karen and/or Guest Experts to Support Your Long-Term Success.



Cart Opens In

"The pain was so great that I now realize I used food to tranquilize it." - JK

Scientifically Proven: EFT for Weight Loss

The method used in Naturally Thin You Boot Camp is EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Tapping. Several studies show that EFT is effective for weight loss. In an outcome study, participant cravings for treats like chocolate, cake, candy and alcohol were reduced by 83% [1]. A second outcome study of a 6 week online weight loss program showed participants losing 12 lb between the start and end of the program, and a further 3 lb in the following 6 months [2]. A randomized controlled trial showed that in the year after an EFT weight loss program, participants lost an average of 11 lb [3]. These studies show that not only is EFT effective for weight loss, but unlike yo yo diets, the effect is permanent, and that the skills participants learn result in ongoing weight loss long after the program has ended.

1. Church, D., & Brooks, A. J. (2010). The effect of a brief EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) self-intervention on anxiety, depression, pain and cravings in healthcare workers. Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, 9(4), 40–44.

2. Church, D. & Wilde, N. (2013). Emotional eating and weight loss following Skinny Genes, a six week online program. Reported at the annual conference of ACEP, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, May. Submitted for publication.

3. Stapleton, P., Sheldon, T., & Porter, B. (2012). Clinical benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques on food cravings at 12-months follow-up: A randomized controlled trial. Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, & Treatment, 4(1), 13-24.