Naturally Thin You Boot Camp

Interview Questions

Questions For Interview

Q: What’s your background, and how did you become interested in this field?

Q: What was your personal experience with weight loss?

Q: How did this lead to creating your Naturally Thin You Boot Camp program?

Q: Why is such a large proportion of the population overweight?

Q: We all know about the phenomenon of yo-yo dieting. Why do people gain the weight back after a diet?

Q: Many people have self-defeating behaviors and beliefs that keep them overweight. Why is it so hard? 

Q: There are thousands of weight loss programs in the marketplace. What’s unique about Naturally Thin You Boot Camp?

Q: Give us an example of emotional eating.

Q: What changes when people are no longer eating based on emotional urges?

Q: Please tell us the stories of a couple of the people who’ve worked with you in the Naturally Thin You program.

Q: Tell us about the science behind your approach.

Q: Is there a particular diet you recommend?

Q: Why does personal coaching make a difference?

Q: Which is more important: diet or exercise?

Q: You talk in Naturally Thin You about the habits of people who lose weight and keep it off permanently. What’s different about those people?