Naturally Thin You

Personal Power Sessions

Personalized 1-on-1 Private Coaching

It’s time to end YOUR cravings and emotional eating.

Karen Donaldson HeadshotIf you’d like to supercharge your Naturally Thin You experience, Karen’s here to help you figure out what the root causes and mental blocks are keeping YOU from permanently releasing your extra weight. We know you’ll love this healing journey!

She'll help you explore and heal issues such as:

  • Childhood events and traumas (physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse or abandonment)
  • Your relationship with your parents and other family members
  • Relationships with partners and spouses
  • Intimacy and sexuality problems
  • Being a people pleaser
  • Work and career difficulties
  • Money and finance struggles
  • Feeling of low self-esteem and “not good enough”

And how feelings such as:

Anger, sadness, frustration, guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, and the fight-or-flight response can trigger cravings and emotional eating and keep you from permanently keeping the weight off.

She'll also teach you how to maximize your EFT tapping and how to use other tools like visualization and meditation to enhance your mind-body weight loss.

As a bonus, Karen can also make recordings of the personalized tapping and/or meditations that you do during this session and send you the mp3 files so that you can use them daily.

Note: This purchase includes either 1, 3, or 6 private coaching sessions with Karen. Because of her dedication to you and this program, she is offering these packages at a discounted rate. You can purchase a single session for $197 a 3-session package for $149 per session ($447 total) or a 6-session package for $120 per session ($720 total).

Upon purchase, you will get a confirmation message. Karen will be notified of your purchase immediately and she will get back to you with directions on how to schedules a session - usually within on business day.

1-Session Private Coaching with Karen  $197

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3-Session Private Coaching Package with Karen  $447

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6-Session Private Coaching Package with Karen  $720

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